Embryo Donation

Embryo donation is a process utilized when a couple cannot conceive through IVF technology using their own egg and sperm. This could be because there are problems associated with either the recipient’s egg or the recipient’s sperm or both. In this sort of case, the couple can choose to adopt an embryo formed from a donor egg which is fertilized using unrelated donor sperm.

This procedure is necessary when the woman is in the menopausal era or has fertility issues such as poor ovarian reserve and when the man has no/or very low-quality sperm. IVF Clinic performs both fresh and frozen embryo donation procedures. Fresh Embryo donation involves the preparation of a donor lady with IVF drugs for 10-12 days. When the donor lady goes into the egg collection, a frozen sperm vial from the male donor is also prepared and the ICSI ( microinjection method) is performed. Up to 3 embryos can be transferred, preferably at the blastocyst stage to the recipient’s womb. The recipient can be prepared in her home country. Medications to thicken the endometrial lining will be used and the lining will be monitored via several US scans. 3 days stay in Cyprus will be enough. Frozen Embryo procedures are also offered at the clinic. Embryos from previous IVF Cycles are frozen and kept in the laboratory. The embryos will be thawed and transferred to the recipient’s womb after their preparation in the home country with medications.

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