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Infertility is increasing in modern society. And us, we treat it

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15 percent of the population is considered infertile. Infertility is described as not having a baby after 6 months of unprotected intercourse.

Infertility is increasing in modern communities. In men declines in sperm count due to toxic environment and possible evolutionary effects is noted. Also women due to educational and career concerns are married at a later age. Average menopausal age ranges between 48 and 52 in women. We now know that, several years before the menopause women are unable to bear children due to the diminished ovarian function.

In the current era, women get married when they approach their mid-late 30’s and start to plan their conceptions plans just newly. Unfortunately, the biology of the woman changes greatly after the age of 38 and the chance for becoming pregnant via natural ways diminishes.

Sperm donation procedure is necessary if the physicians are unable to find sperm from the males after Micro TESE ( microsurgical testicular extraction) which is an advanced operation. In addition to that, very low sperm quality is also an obstacke for the success of IVF treatments, therefore some couples directly choose to use a donor sperm.

Th is procedure is necessary when the woman is in the menopausal era, or have fertility issues such as poor ovarain reserve and when the man has no/or very low quality sperm.Donor Embryo IVF Clinic performs both fresh and frozen embryo donation procedures. Fresh Embryo donation involves the preparation of a donor lady with IVF drugs for 10-12 days. When the donor lady goes into the egg collection,  frozen sperm vial from the male donor is also prepared and the ICSI ( microinjection method) is performed.

What Our Clients Say

I am very grateful for Ayse in that without her our visit would have been completely different.  She speaks fluent English and that made all the difference in our visit.  She was very warm, honest and concerned and was willing to help in anyway she could. We are still awaiting our final results, Ayse was extremely warm  and supportive and when there was a glitch in our situation she straightened it out smoothly and comfortably.


We would like to say many thanks for the help and support that wasprovided by  Ayse. The level of service that was provided was brilliant and I can not thank you all enough. The treatment procedure was explained very well and I was left feeling very comfortable and confident with the doctor and the nurses. I liked that you made me rest for a good period of time after the treatment which is not something most clinics would offer. I would recommend your clinic and the services you provide to all your potential patients. Once again thank you very much for making us feel at home.


Once we arrived to  Clinic in Cyrpus, The doctor and staff all were very professional and this was yet again very impressive.

I would like to comment, in particular with all my dealings with Aysha. She made regular contact with me, kept me informed of what to expect and even was with me through the embryo transfer procedure. This meant a lot to me as this had been my first and hopefully my last IVF procedure and i was obviously very sensitive thorough out the whole procedure.

I most definitely will be recommending your services, to couples who i know that are considering IVF and promoting treatment aboard.

Kind Regards J & N- England, ARCHITECT

”Me and my husband had a wonderful experience visiting northern cyprus and the treatment we had was excellent.We first were in contact with Mariela and she was great in all constant follow-ups with us.She made sure that we were comfortable in our treatment and accomodation.Thanks Mariela!!!!.The doctor and the nurses at the clinic were very kind and professional.Ayse our IVF co-ordinator at the clinic was friendly and hospitable.Thanks Ayse!!!! It was a great experience  and we would be really happy to recommend a visit to this clinic!!!


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