Cyprus is a beautiful Island on the Mediterrenean Sea between the Anatolia part of Turkey and the African Continent. Due to its strategic location, many countries have conquered Cyprus throughout the history. Before its current structure, Cyprus was an English land for many years. Therefore, British Influence is still seen on the island. Many Britons buy homes in Cyprus, “British Pound” is used widely and even the cars have the steering wheels on the right side. Once the island had its independence, the population was divided between the Greeks and the minority Turks. During the late 60’s, greek soldiers started attacking the turkish population in order to take the total control of the island. This terrible attack resulted in the deaths and relocation of many Turkish Cypriots. In 1974, the state of Turkey attacked the island in order to save the Turkish Minority from the Greeks. The Turkish Army conquered almost half of the island and the war ended at that point with many losses from both sides.

Since 1974, the status of the Turkish part was unknown, but later, it was decided that North Cyprus declares its independence and becomes the State of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey are two different states now. Unfortunately, the international world did not recognize the existence of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus due to heavy Greek propaganda.

History being aside, Cyprus is a beautiful place to visit with its lovely cities such as Nicosia, Kyrenia, delicious food, lovely beaches, luxurious resorts, and history. Patients can visit both sides of Cyprus during their stay.

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