Donor Sperm

Donor Sperm Procedure :

Donor Sperm
Sperm donation procedure is necessary if the physicians are unable to find sperm from the males after Micro TESE ( microsurgical testicular extraction) which is an advanced operation. In addition to that, very low sperm quality is also an obstacke for the success of IVF treatments, therefore some couples directly choose to use a donor sperm.
IVF Cyprus Clinic performs sperm donor procedures. Sperms can be chosen by the patients from international cyrobanks or IVF Cyprus Clinic can provide sperms..Sperm samples in the cyrobanks are accepted after the completion of necessary tests such as HIV, Anti HCV etc by the donator. In sperm donation procedure, IVF ICSI is being performed mainly as this treatment offers the highest possible chances for a successful pregnancy. The woman or the couple should stay 21 days in Cyprus for this treatment. The first 10-12 days are necessary for the egg development. This part can also be done in the home country of the woman. IVF Cyprus has partners in England and can also work with the own doctors’ of patients.  Next stage is the egg collection and the application of the ICSI technique fort he fertilization. 3 to 5 days later will the embryo transfer performed. Up to 3 embryos can be transferred and excess embryos can be frozen. 12 days after the ET, the pregnancy test is performed.
Before the woman is accepted to the program, she should undergo several tests on the third day of her bleeding. 1 month after this date, so when the new menstrual bleeding arrives, the woman starts the egg development phase. For further questions, please contact us.
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