IVF-ICSI Treatments for Sperm Donation and PGD requiring Patients

1- When does the egg stimmulation start and when does it finish?

The starting date is menstrual cycle day 2. The woman is followed by scans and blood tests until cycle day 12-13. HCG injection is performed at the end of stimmulation and the patient proceeds to the egg collection ( oocyte pick up , OPU).


2- When is the oocyte pick up ( OPU is done):

Mainly cycle day 14-15 and sedation anesthesia will be applied. Same day ICSI will be done.


3- When is the PGD done ?

PGD is done on the third day. 1 cell is taken out from an 8 cell embryo, and analyzed for gender and chromosomal conditions.


4- When is the embryo transfer performed ?

Embryo transfer is done 3-5 days after the OPU. 5th day embryo transfer is preferredto increase the success rates. 3 Embryos can be transferred.


5- Do you do embryo freezing/sperm freezing/egg freezing ?

Yes we can perform all of these techniques.


6- Can i ship sperm to your clinic from international sperm banks ?

Yes this is possible, please contact us.


7- When does the treatment end ?

After the embryo transfer you will rest in the clinic and when you feel good, you will be taken to your hotel. You can fly back to your country 1 day after the embryo transfer. There is no medical papers showing that flight have negative affect towards embryos.


8- Do you arrange accomodation/ transportation ?

Yes we can provide these services on request.


For Egg Donation Patients:

1) Which medications will I use for the preparation of the Endometium ? 

If there is still menstrual bleeding, Lupron/Buserelin or similar medications will be used together with estrogen containing medications such as Estrofem. If there is no menstrual bleeding, then only Estrofem medications will be used.


2) How long will it take for the endometrium to be ready for the transfer and what needs to be done besides using medications ?

It takes about 13-15 days for the endometrium to be ready. The thickness must be checked under ultrasound guidance every 2-3 days in the home country.


3) What if there would be problems with the preparation of the womb ? 

The cycle can be cancelled and tried another time after the reason for the problem is solved. There is no financial commitment except the deposit in such a situation. In certain cases, there may be myomas, cysts and similar infections in the woman’s uterus. Therefore an ultrasound scan of the womb is a must before the beginning of the treatment. These infections can negatively affect the success of the treatment depending on their size and location. Hysterescopy procedure is also recommended if especially there were several negative cycles before.


4) What are the natinality of the donors?  

Most of the donor ladies are from Cyprus. There are also several Eastern European and Black donors available.


5) How many embryos do the egg receipient receive ?  

Egg receipient receives 3 fresh embryosall of which can be transferred back to the womans’ uterus. If the couple wants to  have frozen embrys, the clinic will freeze 3 embryos.

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