I am very grateful for Ayse in that without her our visit would have been completely different.  She speaks fluent English and that made all the difference in our visit.  She was very warm, honest and concerned and was willing to help in anyway she could. We are still awaiting our final results, Ayse was extremely warm  and supportive and when there was a glitch in our situation she straightened it out smoothly and comfortably.

H.M- New York- USA


We would like to say many thanks for the help and support that wasprovided by  Ayse. The level of service that was provided was brilliant and I can not thank you all enough. The treatment procedure was explained very well and I was left feeling very comfortable and confident with the doctor and the nurses. I liked that you made me rest for a good period of time after the treatment which is not something most clinics would offer. I would recommend your clinic and the services you provide to all your potential patients. Once again thank you very much for making us feel at home.



My partner and I waited for just under four years for a donor and treatment in England. The treatment was very traumatic as we travelled from London to Bristol regularly, at short notice for blood tests to regulate my hormone levels only to be told that they were too high or not high enough. We were also required to have counselling as it is a requirement by law to inform the adult ‘child’ of who their natural parent is, the donor. We had our reservations regarding this but our need for a child was greater. We did this twice but wasn’t successful the second time.The clinic and staff were wonderful, we couldn’t fault them at all and the treatment was successful the first time but unfortunately it didn’t last and our dreams were shattered. Our combined age of over 80 meant that time was drastically against us and the prospect of waiting another four years was just too much. We started our search for an alternative treatment venue. Our search on the web introduced us to our future! Our first attempt took us to Cyprusl Obviously we were both extremely nervous, we were travelling to an unknown country and placing our trust in people that we had never met before but our fears were completely unfounded. They were wonderful. We were met at the airport and transported to our hotel before meeting the team and collecting medication the following day. We were completely reassured and felt really comfortable with the whole plan. We had no language problems as the team speaks English well. Our hotel was exceptional and so too were the staff several of whom ferried us backwards and forewards to and from the clinic. Our stay in Cyprus was so good that we have returned three times already and are planning a long stay next year. Unfortunately our treatment didn’t work the first time but we had so much faith that we were undeterred and continued with our quest for a family. We had three attempts and was successful with our third attempt. If we had needed to continue with treatment a fourth, fifth or even sixth time, we would have. We are now four months pregnant and absolutely ecstatic. Our treatment didn’t stop when we left Cyprus, we were looked after with support and guidance right up until our twelth week and are still in contact for reassurance now. If all goes to plan we are even considering a return vist to provide a little brother or sister for our developing child and thats before giving birth!!

Our warmest and heartfelt thanks to all , From Mr. Dhesi & Ms. Moore – England


Once we arrived to  Clinic in Cyrpus, The doctor and staff all were very professional and this was yet again very impressive. I would like to comment, in particular with all my dealings with Aysha. She made regular contact with me, kept me informed of what to expect and even was with me through the embryo transfer procedure. This meant a lot to me as this had been my first and hopefully my last IVF procedure and i was obviously very sensitive thorough out the whole procedure. I most definitely will be recommending your services, to couples who i know that are considering IVF and promoting treatment aboard. Kind Regards J & N- England


 ”Me and my husband had a wonderful experience visiting northern cyprus and the treatment we had was excellent.We first were in contact with Mariela and she was great in all constant follow-ups with us.She made sure that we were comfortable in our treatment and accomodation.Thanks Mariela!!!!.The doctor and the nurses at the clinic were very kind and professional.Ayse our IVF co-ordinator at the clinic was friendly and hospitable.Thanks Ayse!!!! It was a great experience  and we would be really happy to recommend a visit to this clinic!!!

Mr & Mrs.D.A U.K

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